Photo by Mikael Kennedy

I use quilts as objects and as storytellers. Using craft as a means of storytelling carries the weight of its historical context. The quilt making process strengthens my relationship between the material and this context. I am fascinated by the essentials of the materials - the root of pattern, the push of geometry, and the joy of contrast. The quilt making process is intimate, tactile, repetitive - often becoming a meditation on itself. I use process and materials to push the boundaries of historical context.

Originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania, I am a self-taught quilter and am highly influenced by the traditional quilt patterns I saw as a child. Since then, I have made my home in various cities and use those experiences to adapt traditional patterns to create a new narrative. The shapes and patterns used reflect my home and community while the method and materials used recall traditional quilt making influences.

My current work focuses on the effects of relocation, the displacement of self and others, and the struggles of creating a cultural identity in a fluid society. While exploring place and identity, the goal is to connect traditional craft with contemporary life.


Commissions are welcome.