Beginner Hand Quilting

  • Drygoods Design 301 Occidental Avenue South Seattle, WA, 98104 United States

One of the truest and most wonderful ways to seek solace and a sense of calm, hand quilting is the heart of how the communal spirit of quilting and patchwork came to be. Piecing by machine has its own level of gratification and solitude. Take that and then be social while quilting by hand. This workshop will teach techniques to get you started hand quilting with small stitches. Small stitching can add a lot of texture and depth to a quilt - and it can be quite relaxing and fun. We’ll go over frames, marking techniques, thread, thimble options, and needles. The class will be focused on understanding tools, techniques, and finding your rhythm. Learn to see hand quilting as a meditation, a process, and a fun, portable way to finish your projects.

During this class, you’ll be able to see how finishing a quilt actually works - from how to set up your backing, batting, and top. If those terms make your head spin right now, then it’s a perfect class since it will be done whole cloth.

July 28